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Welcome to Love Quest International Church – where LOVE LIVES HERE.

We are a vibrant multicultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-generational church community in Surrey, BC and slowly expanding into the Greater Toronto Area! We desire to be a place where people of all nations can come and experience love, be equipped and mobilized to spread the love of God within their spheres of influence and ultimately remain committed to serving all that comes through our doors and our broader community. Our incredible team is excited to meet you and celebrate life with you so we invite you to experience this LOVE for yourself and come

About Us

Love Quest International Church was birthed from a vision given to Pastors Terrance & Julia Richmond in 2008. The vision began as a name and ‘Love Quest’ took on a variety of different forms over the years as they sought the Lord on what the name and vision was to be. From basketball camps to community outreaches to music projects, the vision of ‘Love Quest’ never died as the Richmonds continued to seek the Lord on what its final form was meant to be.

Following their family’s relocation to Vancouver, BC in January 2016, their original purpose for relocating began to shift and through guidance and counsel, the Holy Spirit revealed it was time for Love Quest International Church to be planted. Beginning in a loft in New Westminster, BC in January 2017, The Richmonds began to host weekly midweek prayer & worship nights before launching with a group of 11 people to a weekly Sunday Service Experience in February 2018.

Over the last 5 ½ years, Love Quest has grown and evolved into a thriving community filled with joy and hope. We have navigated all kinds of unique and dynamic challenges from navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic as a 2 year old church to building relationships with our city to learning to embrace the fullness of who God has created us to be. We have built a community that is passionate about reaching those around them with the love of Christ and utilizing our unique gifts, talents and passions for building the Kingdom.

We currently have two locations in the Greater Vancouver Area – one in Surrey City Centre and the other in Fraser Heights and are currently preparing to launch in the Greater Toronto Area in Fall 2023.



The Love Fix Exprnce:
Sundays – 10aM and 5pm @ LQIC Surrey Central Celebration Point

Join us for our weekend experience filled with worship, celebration & freedom. We’ve got a place for each and every single person that comes through our doors. We’ve got TWO opportunities every Sunday at our LQIC Surrey Celebration Point We can’t wait to see you!

WONDER WEDNESDAYS: Wednesdays @ LQIC Surrey Central Celebration Point

A Time Refreshing & Going Deeper: An opportunity to be refreshed mid-week as we dive into the Word a little deeper


The Core of Our Existence


Defining Our Culture // CULTURE SHOCK

Our culture is what identifies who we are – It’s the how and why we do what we do! These pillars are convictions that drive and define the culture:


Love is the foundation of everything that we do. Love is bigger than feelings and emotions; it’s a choice. Love causes us to fight to remain at the center of the ring placing unity at the forefront of everything that we do. We engage in uncomfortable conversations, rejoice in each other’s victories. Love is our greatest motivator and faith is our greatest activator!


We choose to celebrate often! Through our worship, our laughter, and our joy, we foster an environment that creates an atmosphere of infectious celebration. When we make a choice to celebrate often we step into a new dimension of joy that opens doors for greater freedom to be released.


We value and honour each and every person that comes through our doors. This honour is extended to all regardless of title, influence, and position. We respect those that are like us and those who are different from us. Through this culture of We chose to ascribe dignity and value to each and every soul that we encounter.


 Generosity is bigger than finances – it’s about a heart posture. A heart posture of generosity empowers you to be willing to give of yourself so that others can flourish. Through our generosity we ensure that no one goes without and that everyone has what they need!


Excellence is not perfection – it’s a heart posture to do and be your best at all times. In the same spirit of Daniel who was defined as having an excellent spirit, we desire to be a community where people can experience exceptional care, attention to detail, and love.


If you have a gift or a passion or a calling, it won’t remain locked inside you – you will be empowered to walk in the fullness of who God made you to be. We give you the tools that you need in order to be effective in using your God given gifts & talents. We’re passionate about teaching and training people to utilize their gifts to the fullest extent.


Activating is what mobilizes us to live out the Kingdom Message! We don’t allow ourselves to remain stagnant and in one place – we are activated to be released into all the world and share the love of God wherever we go. Join us on the Quest!

A Culture of Legacy Builders

It’s bigger than us! We’re after leaving an impact of wholeness and greatness for the next five generations. We know that how we build and live now will teach even more people when we’re gone – so we chose to focus on laying a foundation for others so that the generations after can do even greater!


Dig Deeper Into What We Believe & Why Love Quest International Church family is a non-denominational church that believes Jesus Christ is perfect theology.

love all nations

We are a community that embraces and intentionally seeks out ALL ethnicities and cultures. We confront our prejudices and differences with the Love, Word and Spirit of our Father. We desire to establish a culture in which ALL people find a home within their local church, ALL nations are represented in the worship experience and ALL members are contributing in the area they have been called, in order to fortify the church and influence the world.

equip the church

We are a Spirit-filled and led family that teaches and stands on the Word. We are excited for the opportunity to help you reach levels you’ve never experienced, but were created for! This is not just a community, but a culture that equips and empowers people for the work of the Kingdom. Through diligence in the Word, a walk of Kingdom Faith, the help of the Spirit of God and a family that walks with you, the power of God will work through you in ways you’ve never imagined. You’ve been created for greatness in Him!

mobilize the equipped

GO! This is not a suggestion. We have orders to keep moving and the harvest is here! We are in perilous times as fear is increasing in today’s culture but we are the light and salt of this world. We preserve, we add flavour, we spread hope, we bring joy to any situation. We have not been blessed, changed, empowered and equipped simply to live comfortable and cozy lives, waiting for Jesus to return. We have been equipped to DO, GO and BE! We aren’t building up, we are building out. We gather to scatter and look to the day you are equipped to respond in action. In the meantime, everyday can be a day of significant impact!

SErvE all

It is an honour to let the greatest servant of all serve through us. We are striving to live a life of humility, honour and peace. Contrary to pop culture, the greatest in the Kingdom of God is a servant. We all desire to be great, so wisdom says, serve well. We aim to SERVE ALL, understanding that serving is sowing and when done in LOVE, we can always expect a harvest.

MISSION: With God? Possible! all THINGS ARE

We are leading people into the passion, promises and power of Kingdom Living. We are driven by a lifestyle of influencing cultural and global transformation. We are a community rooted in love , living by faith, releasing hope and living in freedom.
We are mandated to pursue, overtake and recover all while living life on The Love Quest.

"You are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets with Christ Jesus Himself the chief Cornerstone."

Eph. 2:20 AMPC

For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is [already] laid, which is Jesus Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One)

1 Cor. 3:11 AMPC