Church Clothes @ The Q

A “Runway” for ALL NATIONS to FLY

We dress to impress the Best, therefore what we put on is secondary to having a Loving culture that seeks to have a God sized heart and view towards those He loves. There is a cloud of witnesses cheering for you! Don’t apologize for who you are let’s celebrate and be thankful for Who’s you are! Don’t focus on where you’ve been but let’s zero in on where you’re destined, which is greatness! Don’t worry about what people think but become conscious of what His Grace has done for you and awaits to do through you! Don’t get caught up trying to keep it all together but come to a place where we help each other pick up the pieces and walk in wholeness and in His Righteousness! 

We celebrate the uniqueness of ALL NATIONS, ALL PEOPLE and ALL WALKS OF LIFE while standing firm on the foundation of The Word, never compromising in order to be accepted by pop culture and main stream ideologies. Love is the first and greatest motivator here and we believe on THE RUNWAY of LOVE God’s plan is to walk us ALL into His promises, His plans and His legacy for us and all we are connected to. 

Here at The Q we don’t just say we love you because that’s what we are supposed to say, but we realize “Loving on Purpose” as Pastor Terrance often says, is a lifestyle, for the mature and something that is a weapon, helping us guard our heart, not living reactive but being intentional about living a lifestyle of giving and victory. In this atmosphere, the broken are made whole, the confused find soundness, the oppressed find courage, families thrive, children are raised to be leaders and discover who they are in Christ. So much is birthed in an atmosphere of Spirit and Truth where The Kingdom of God is what we SEEK FIRST!

Come, ready to dance, ready to laugh, ready to cry, ready to be challenged and ready to get your wings! Celebration is at the core of our atmosphere because we believe in a world like this, if we can create a place of rejoicing, gratitude, faith and love, it will be the catalyst for people to live empowered lives not allowing our souls to be heavy and our vision blurred by the fear and darkness that drives todays culture. So, put on your “Church Clothes” and we will see you soon!