ABOUT OUR PASTORS: Meet The Richmonds

California Natives, Pastor Terrance & Julia Richmond moved their family to Canada in 2016 leaping out into their call, to live life on the Love Quest. Both come from unique backgrounds – Terrance from East Oakland, CA and Julia from a small town in Northern California – but met in 2003 and eventually married in October 2004.

Pastor Terrance Richmond grew up in the church and attributes his faith to the guidance of a praying grandmother. Over the course of his life, athletics was a grounding force in his life leading him to play professional baseball for the California Angels and later on Division 1 Basketball at San Jose State University but it was in June 2007 that he received a revelation that would change his life and so many others forever. Following an radical encounter with the Lord, he chose to set aside a life of petty crime, addiction and complacency and chose to say yes to his call to the ministry. As a professional “Professional Communicator”, his greatest passion is to activate people and point them to the promises, freedom and power available in and through the Gospel.

Some of his professional experiences like mentoring young people, guidance counselling for marriage and families, playing professional sports and producing inspirational music, lend themselves well to his role as a Pastor. Along with being a student athlete at NCAA’s Division 1, San Jose State University and Bachelors Degree in Theology and Marriage and Family Counselling, Terrance Richmond is a dynamic leader, a captivating speaker and conveys the authority of a father, wisdom of a scholar and the faith of a child. This family not only loves us but the love they have for each other is compelling.

LQIC exists to Love All Nations, Equip the Church, Mobilize the Equipped and Serve All. As a family, the Richmonds are rooted in love and emanate joy that transcends cultural boundaries, prejudice and adversity, while inspiring and empowering others to do the same. It is evident that their conviction to teach, serve and love humanity is charged by their passion for the Word of God, their submission to the Holy Spirit and their love for Jesus Christ.

We pray you join us on this LOVE QUEST!